North Shore Rotary Newsletter / September 15, 2014


Cary Silverstein

Upcoming Speakers and Events

Our speaker this week will be Dr. Sam Wann, a physician at Columbia St. Mary's Healthcare. He is currently working part-time in various consulting roles and caring for patients at Columbia St. Mary's Healthcare, where he helped develop a comprehensive heart failure program. He serves as a reviewer for several professional journals and writes a regular column on health care policy for Cardiology Today.

He is working with colleagues using CT scanning to investigate heart disease in ancient human mummies, and serves as a volunteer helping care for non-human primates with heart disease at the Milwaukee Zoo

Steve Bass, VP MMAC

At our September 8th meeting our speaker was Steve Baas Vice President of governmental affairs at the MMAC. This was Steve Bass’s third visit to our club. He spoke about the MMAC’s goal to build community and get more people involved in ur local and state government. He stated that the MMAC is trying to provide “a seat at the table” for its members. He said the universe we swim in is so large both nationally and in Wisconsin. He commented of the upcoming election and how our electorate is so divided and polarized. At this time the race is very close and whoever motivates their base will stand the best chance of winning. It appears that there will be little if no change in the composition of the legislature.

Steve addressed the two big elephants in the room, the proposed casino in Kenosha and the new arena for the Milwaukee Bucks No matter who is the governor, those issues will need to be addressed. Without a new arena in 2017, we could lose the Bucks to another city. Also, unless the state can resolve the financial issues with the tribes in Wisconsin, the Menominee tribe may decide not to build the casino. One additional issue discussed was “Common Core” and how that federal program would impact the Wisconsin educational system.

Finally, Steve discussed how we as a community need to attract more visitors and businesses by telling our story better to the rest of the nation. We have so many great attractions, Summerfest, the Calatrava Museum, the lakefront and the Harley Davidson museum, that we need to make more people aware of these assets. The Milwaukee 7 and the MMAC work hard to retain and attract new businesses to our community.


Our guests this week were Jacque Ralph of the Villages Club in Florida, Myama Marsh of the Whitefish Bay library, Judy Friedman a friend of Jacque Ralphs, Abimbola Amoo a Rotary Past President visiting from Nigeria.  We also welcomed back Andy Kimmel to Monday’s meeting.

History Tidbits

We are continuing to feature “History Tidbits” as we approach our sixty year anniversary in March of 2015. We will be discussing the formation of a 60th Anniversary Committee at our board meeting. John German has agreed to be our master of ceremonies for this event. We need volunteers to assist with the selecting of the venue and the planning of the anniversary party.

In 1962-1963 Alan Bate was the club president and membership reached 48 Rotarians. A major project was introduced by Erwin Bleck, “Windows to the World” where each member wrote a letter to a foreign Rotarian. Many gratifying replies were received and reported by the members.


This year’s Lobsterfest took place on September 13th at Shelly’s in Mequon. It was a “crustacean sensation”. This year’s Lobsterfest was a smashing success.  Each table was challenged to raise money to build wells in Africa that would provide clean water. It was stated that every eighteen seconds a child dies from water borne diseases. We have almost eliminated Polio, now is the time to help provide clean water, something we take for granted each time we turn on the faucet. The tables raised over seven thousand dollars for one village. That will provide a pump, storage and the clean water they need to support the village’s needs. Thank you everyone for being so supportive of this event with your attendance and donations. Guess you had the most colorful table at the event? Ask and we will tell you. Next year the Lobsterfest will be on Oct 3, 2015.