North Shore Rotary Newsletter / September 22, 2014


Cary Silverstein

Upcoming Speakers and Events

This week our speaker is our County Executive Chris Abele. He will bring us up to date on what is happening in Milwaukee County politics.

Next week we have a “Rotary on The Move” at Goodwill Industries.    The Goodwill staff are providing us with lunch and a tour of their sheltered workshops. The address is 6055 North 91st Street. Club members are encouraged to bring a donation of gently used clothing or household goods.

Dr. Sam Wann

Our speaker last week was Dr. Sam Wann, a physician at Columbia St. Mary's Healthcare. He is working with colleagues using CT scanning to investigate heart disease in ancient human mummies in South America, Northern Europe and the Middle East. He and his colleagues have found that these ancient individuals, both wealthy and poor suffered from the same cardiac complications. The same calcium deposits in the arteries of peasants in Peru were present in the Kings and Queens of Egypt. They were also present in the arteries of the “Iceman” found in Northern Europe who was over five thousand years old. The doctors hope that their research will lead to new drugs that will reduce the potential of this calcium build up in our arteries.


Our guest this week was Heather Williams from the Philadelphia YMCA. It was a pleasure having her back for lunch.

History Tidbits

We are continuing to feature “History Tidbits” as we approach our sixty year anniversary in March of 2015.  John German has agreed to be Chairman and our master of ceremonies for this event. We need volunteers to assist with the selecting of the venue and the planning of the anniversary party.

During the 1963-1964 year, George Southworth was the club president. For the first time the club featured a team in the Glendale Bowling League. The club sent a delegation to the International Convention in Canada, The club membership remained at 48.


Deb Kerr reported that this year’s Lobsterfest took place on September 13th at Shelly’s in Mequon. It was a “crustacean sensation”. This year’s Lobsterfest was a smashing success. We raised over $30,000.00 for clean water and other Rotary focuses. Each table was challenged to raise money to build wells in Africa that would provide clean water. It was stated that every eighteen seconds a child dies from water borne diseases. We have almost eliminated Polio, now is the time to help provide clean water, something we take for granted each time we turn on the faucet. The tables raised over seven thousand dollars for one village. That will provide a pump, storage and the clean water they need to support the village’s needs. Thank you everyone for being so supportive of this event with your attendance and donations. Guess you had the most colorful table at the event? Ask and we will tell you. Next year the Lobsterfest will be on Oct 3, 2015.