Upcoming Speakers

We are thrilled to announce the upcoming speaker series and events hosted by the Milwaukee Northshore Rotary Club. We are excited to hear from a diverse and accomplished roster of speakers, from global scholars to executive directors of impactful organizations.

Please mark your calendars for these insightful presentations:



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A Salute to the Armed Forces

Armed Forces Day at Milwaukee North Shore

Each of the five branches of the United States Armed Forces will be represented over lunch at the Four Points Sheraton during Armed Forces Week. Highlights included the importance of hiring veterans as a great way for businesses to honor those who have served.
We hope you can come and join us to honor these service men and woman. 
Thank you all for your service. You're the ultimate example of the Rotary motto, Service Above Self.
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Weekly Greeter Schedule

Posted by Brian Guerin on Jan 31, 2023

Greeter Schedule Starting 6/30/23 through the end of 2023.  If you are not able to be there are your assigned date,  please find a substitute.  

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